Lanternlight Performance and Bar
Goblet - Plot 49 - 20th Ward - Balmung


Events are held on the 1st and 3rd thursday of every month

balmung, goblet, w20 p49



January 24th
Doors open at 7:00pm CST

Questions? Contact:
Rhel Malvae @ rhel#0666
Eden Malvae @ Sepulture#1938

Is a performance venue, bar and save haven for all who seek sanctuary.

Owned by Rhel & Eden Malvae and Fabius Balventius, The Lanternlight serves as a beacon to all wayward souls seeking a place to exist authentically as themselves, without fear of bias or judgement. Friends of friends need give no warnings, the doors are always open.

The venue is still relatively new, but the staff and performers alike strive to produce an environment that feels like home. When events are on, The Lanternlight becomes a much rowdier venue. Loud bouncers singing to even louder music, a community bustling with energy, and a bar well-stocked that quickly becomes less so as the nights progress are all expected things on a typical night.

[Interested in participating in an event, attending, or joining our company? As ask that you please look over our rules to get a better idea of the expectations we have set for all attendees, patron and staff alike.]

. The Lanternlight is a venue intended for adults. Both IC and OOC, we ask that all attendees be 18+. If it's found you violated this rule, you will be blacklisted from the company and unwelcome at future events, regardless of if you turn 18 afterward or not.

. We are an inclusive FC, and will not tolerate any form of OOC bigotry on our grounds or in our LS, Discord, or FC chat. Bigotry will be met with being blacklisted from future events. [This may be slightly different IC, such as if your character has a bias against a particular race, but we do ask that you avoid any use of real-world slurs or uncomfortable subject matter.]

. Bear in mind that there may be themes at The Lanternlight that are NSFW in nature. Sexual lyrics may be present at shows, although we are not a burlesque venue and will not be hosting burlesque performances at this time.

. Metagaming is strictly prohibited. This refers to knowing information ICly that your character has not been told, purely because you know it OOCly.

. IC and OOC are different things. If there's a problem IC, it doesn't reflect the opinions of the writers. Should this happen, you will be asked to leave or otherwise be removed.

. Please be mindful of performers and fellow RPers during events and practices. Keep OOC chatter to a minimum during events. If the establishment is being used for practice, please don't RP there until the performers are done doing what they need to do to prepare.

. Weapons and minions are prohibited within The Lanternlight. Your character is more than welcome to have a member of staff collect them prior to entering, and pick them up when you leave.

. This establishment is not intended for ERP. Please keep that off of Lanternlight grounds.

. Violence will be met with swift removal, as will interference with performances.

[Please note - You do not need to be a member of the Free Company in order to attend at, staff at, or perform at our events.]


. Bartenders
. Security

If you're interested in becoming a member or staffing an event, we would like to stress that our company is active, heavy on RP, and that most of our involvement has to do with our events, and our RP will circulate around the performing theme heavily.

There is no ulterior motive to The Lanternlight from an IC perspective, although they maintain a neutral grounds stance on things, and some characters within the company may be involved in their own criminal or dark activities. That is at the discretion of the RPer, and can be worked out as players see fit. The business will not accept crime within its halls, but will not turn away people seeking sanctuary. If you are looking to do plot-driven RP with dark themes, please let us know and we can help organize something for you.

If you're seeking an IC hook to get you involved with the company, don't be shy to reach out at all! We're happy to help you find a reason to get involved.


Please contact one of the following -
Rhel Malvae (rhel#0666)
Eden Malvae (Sepulture#1938)
Fabius Balventius (Dandelion#6704)

You may also join our Discord server to have a look around, ask questions, etc. We ask that all potential members attend at least one event prior to requesting to join or staff.

Thank you for looking over our Carrd, and we hope to see you soon!